Highest speeds and most accurately filled bottles is the key. It can fill regular free flowing liquid products, viscous or thick, products that tend to foam, products that string or drip, products that have particulates or chunks, and dry products.


Widely used for filling Mineral water, Milk, Juice, Liquor, Still Drinks in glass/HDPE/LDPE/PET/PVC

No of Filling Nozzles - 2,4
Air Requirement - 0.5 cfm at 5 Kg for 2 Nozzles
Air Requirement - 1.0 cfm at 5 Kg for 4 Nozzles
M.S. duly cladded with S.S 304 contact parts are made out of S.S. 304

Machine in action

Counter Pressure

Widely used in Soda/ Soft Drinks/ Fruit Bear/ Breweries for filling Pet/ Glass bottles

counter filler


Widely used in pharmaceuticals/ Distillariesfor filling glass/HDPE/LDPE/Rigid bottles/ containers

No of Filling Nozzles - 2,4,6,8


Widely used inI pharmaceuticals / oil /cosmetics /food/ chemicals/ household products for filling glass/HDPE/ LDPE/PET/PVC bottles/containers

No of Filling Nozzles - 2,4

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Superfil rocks!

Superfill has provide us with state-of-the-art glass filling line with washer, auto filling and Capper machine. Machine has a BPM of 80 bottles, which gives us good efficiency. They also provide prompt support in case of breakdown and service requirement through trained technicians. Mr Ayush is very innovative and takes initiative in providing solutions to upgrade to new technology and methods to improve efficiency from plant.

Dharmendra Singh
Business Head. | Prystine Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Remarkable 25 years of association

Celebrating a remarkable 25-year journey with Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. I am incredibly impressed with the exceptional quality of goods and services I received from Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. With every interaction over these years, they have consistently exceeded expectations, showcasing their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s to a quarter-century of excellence and many more years of success together!

Kartik Chandran
CEO, Kali Mark Aerated Water Works Trichy

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