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Gentle & careful processing is the key to success for any product. Superfil offers state of the art solution for processing Fruit juices, Carbonated soft drink, Water, Still drinks, etc.
Operating Procedure
Degassing of Product Water


Supermix is a proven system for preparing carbonated drinks. It works on a principle of brix control & ratio control, whichever mode is selected. Carbonation is done under the controlled flow of co2 with respect to the flow of beverage & gas volume required.

  • Direct Control of Brix rather than Ratio.
  • The Brix is directly controlled using a mass flow meter for measurement, for any deviation in the set point & achieved a point the syrup flow is controlled to achieve in terms of brix required. Controlled Injection of Co2 in terms of gm/litre. The Co2 is injected in gms/litre. For any change in the flow rate of the beverage the amount of CO2 to be injected changes automatically. The change in line pressure of CO2 has compensated automatically, within the set limit of CO2 pressure.
  • Different CO2 pressure settings Injection pressure of CO2 & buffer tank pressure can be set differently.
  • No manifold & hand valves for different mode of operation. There is no requirement of any change over manifold & hand operated valves for running the machine in different modes. ( like CIP, Discharge, Production). Once the mode of operation of machine is selected all the valve change their position as per the mode requirement.
  • Man Machine interface The top of end communication between operator & machine. Complete alarm history. Trends can be created & saved for production.
Replacement hand operated flow control valve with electronic control.
Remote operating Interface of the machine. The machine can be operated & controlled in full respect sitting in the office itself.
Customized Recipe module with real time trends.
Real time trends stored on hard disk for analysis purpose.
Shift wise/ day wise MIS reports for quantity produced, Mixer Usage etc.
Zero dumping i.e. the perfect drink from first bottle.


Mixomatic units are designed for the production of soft drinks containing Carbon Dioxide. In this process, water is deaerated (optional) under a high vacuum. Deaerated water and concentrated syrup is mixed in a tank under controlled electronic flow meters. The carbon dioxide is mixed homogeneously with ready syrup in a multi-stage high pressure pump. The CO2, is mixed in proper proportion through an electro-pneumatically controlled system based on temperature of product & flow of CO2

Fully automatic unit
Consistent high quality of the finished product.
Hourly outputs range frin 1000L to 4000L of finished product.


Superfil carbonators are designed with the latest technology and are used to mix CO2 gas for manufacturing soda and other aerated beverages.

PLC is used to control the pressure and liquid level in the system
An alarm will be generated for any abnormality and the machine stops automatically.
With stable performance and high efficiency it is easy to operate.
Capacity 1000 LPH to 10000 LPH

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Superfil rocks!

Superfill has provide us with state-of-the-art glass filling line with washer, auto filling and Capper machine. Machine has a BPM of 80 bottles, which gives us good efficiency. They also provide prompt support in case of breakdown and service requirement through trained technicians. Mr Ayush is very innovative and takes initiative in providing solutions to upgrade to new technology and methods to improve efficiency from plant.

Dharmendra Singh
Business Head. | Prystine Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Remarkable 25 years of association

Celebrating a remarkable 25-year journey with Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. I am incredibly impressed with the exceptional quality of goods and services I received from Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. With every interaction over these years, they have consistently exceeded expectations, showcasing their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s to a quarter-century of excellence and many more years of success together!

Kartik Chandran
CEO, Kali Mark Aerated Water Works Trichy

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