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Gentle & careful processing is the key to success for any product. Superfil offers state of the art solution for processing Fruit juices, Carbonated soft drink, Water, Still drinks, etc.

Ultra Filteration & Reverse Osmosis

At Superfil, we bring you comprehensive process technology for water. Packaged drinking water treatment systems are exclusively designed and engineered for the product of:

Packaged Drinking Water
Packaged Drinking Bottle
Natural Mineral Water
Carbonated Soft Drinks, Juices & other packaged drinks
Products in food & Beverage Sector

Storage and blending Tanks

Superfil is facilitated with state-of-the-art infrastructure for the manufacture of stainless steel mixing vessels. Storage tanks, silos, trolleys etc in different capacities for varied applications as per GMP. The company uses 3M tools for the complete fabrication and finishing of the equipment to the best standard. We employ certified TIG weldors for the perfect welding finish. All the vessels would be tested for their pressure-withstanding capability. The materials would be tested and confirmed for their quality specifications before being taken up for fabrication. Pre-finished sheets are also used depending upon customer requirements


Filter Press

We manufacture 2 types of filter press

Vertical Plate Filter Press

This filter press is used for filtration of solids from liquids in comparatively higher batch sizes. The press can be precisely sized for the required filtration area & solid retention capacity. It is available in plate sizes of 20×20, 40×40, & 60x60cms.

Horizontal Plate Filter Press

The horizontal plate filter press is used by several industries for a variety of applications. The main application of the filter press is to filter solids from liquids. The press is available in varying combination of number of plates 8, 14, 18, 24, & 33″ dia. This model is offered with suitable pressure pump & other accessories to suit related application. Also available in reverse flow design


A Homogeniser comprises a high-pressure piston pump followed by a homogenizing valve in which the treated product is homogenized

The Superfil range of homogenizers covers capacities of up to 10000l/h and features a maximum pressure of 600 bar.

The vast range of materials and technical solutions can satisfy all customer requirements.


The fully-automatic plate-type pasteurizer is designed for heating pasteurization, holding and cooling of liquids like milk, juice and other beverages to prolong their shelf life.

The equipment is skid mounted and incorporates balance tanks, a water heating system, pasteurizer plate pack, holding tubes, cooling section. The system is controlled through PID, flow pneumatic diversion valve and steam flow control valve.

The temperature controlled equipment can also be made available in HTST design.

CIP System

Cleaning In Place system is used to clean product handling equipments, interconnecting pipes & fittings to maintain hygiene & sanitary standards in place.

Depending upon the number of cleaning stages, it can be classified as 2 Tank CIP System and 3 Tank CIP System

Fully automatic plc controlled
Temperature interlocking with plc
On board programming
Display for man machine interface
Skid mounted modules available
Heating through PHE
Different temperature maintained using steam control valve on line

What are our
clients sayingClients

Superfil rocks!

Superfill has provide us with state-of-the-art glass filling line with washer, auto filling and Capper machine. Machine has a BPM of 80 bottles, which gives us good efficiency. They also provide prompt support in case of breakdown and service requirement through trained technicians. Mr Ayush is very innovative and takes initiative in providing solutions to upgrade to new technology and methods to improve efficiency from plant.

Dharmendra Singh
Business Head. | Prystine Food & Beverages Pvt. Ltd.

Remarkable 25 years of association

Celebrating a remarkable 25-year journey with Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. I am incredibly impressed with the exceptional quality of goods and services I received from Superfil Engineers Pvt. Ltd. With every interaction over these years, they have consistently exceeded expectations, showcasing their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Here’s to a quarter-century of excellence and many more years of success together!

Kartik Chandran
CEO, Kali Mark Aerated Water Works Trichy

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